Types of games

MOTAS (Mystery of Time and Space) is a good example of an 'Escape the Room' game

There are many types of online computer games, but not all are appropriate for language learning. One genre which is suitable is the 'Escape the Room', a type of logic game whereby you have to solve puzzles, find hidden objects that in turn allows you to escape to the next level. The games of this genre that we recommend include MOTAS (Mystery Of Time And Space)Escape from the bar andSamorost (see the references section for more details). There are many more. A variety of activities can be prepared to convert these types of games into language learning tools.

One way to do this is to create an ‘information gap’ exercise of the game. First, find a text to base your activities on by searching the name of the game plus ‘walkthrough’ or ‘cheat’. A walkthrough or cheat provides a teacher with a textualised explanation in English on how to complete the game. This text can then be adapted in several ways. Here are some ideas of how to do this: