Information Gap

The information gap activity is ideal for getting students to work together to solve a puzzle game - it works  best if they cannot show what they have read to their partner.

Samorost 2 is another puzzle game that has beautiful graphics and which is engaging and can be used with a variety of tasks to encourage learners to produce language. The Samorost 2 walkthrough can be found here

Example question card: (from the Samarost 2 game walkthrough):

Student 1: Put _____________ Pick up the sausage and hang ____________. When the green monster's hand moves away, _________________ .
Student 2: Put all the fruit from the basket on the right into the basket on the left. Pick _____________ and hang them next to the skull. When ____________ moves away, press the red button.

Instructions: Ask your partner questions to find out what to do next.

The Fantastic Chef 2 is another game that can be adapted in this way